Visitor Analytics

Explore customer behaviour with GPS tracking.

GPS Tracking is the most reliable way to learn about the preferences, priorities and patterns of your visitors.  Understand how your location is being used, learn how visits unfold, and discover the trends of different types of visitor.

TracAce Explorer – Visitor Analytics

TracAce Explorer is a software program developed by TracAce Analytics Ltd to conduct high quality visitor research. 

By carrying a GPS tracker, your visitors show you exactly where they go and how long they stay in different areas of your site.  This information is immensely valuable to organisations who value their visitor’s true experience and look for opportunities to effectively develop their site and marketing strategies.

The most reliable way for your visitors to inform you about their experience

TracAce Explorer lets us view the live positioning of trackers on your site, securely stores billions of location and time data points, and processes this information into detailed reports to your specification, all at the click of a button.

Our TracAce Explorer Software is powerful, adaptable and fully customisable to each project.
A completely customisable product…

Each project is unique, which is why TracAce Explorer is fully customisable to your requirement.  Our experienced team will work with you to identify the purpose of your project and identify a set of goals you wish to accomplish, or research questions to answer.  These aims will help us set parameters and identify the accompanying information we need to collect from your visitors when they carry a tracker, to make sure you get what you need from your project.

You can use anything from 5 to 150 GPS trackers, and collect data for just a couple of weeks or continuously throughout the year.  Our team has accumulated many years conducting professional research projects, and we’ll be on hand to support and advise you on all aspects of your project, from the planning, through data collection and in the analysis and reporting of findings.


Our GPS Trackers…

We will provide a set of GPS trackers and a multi-port charger for your project.  Each tracker weighs approximately 60g and measures 7x4x2.5cm. 

The trackers operate via the mobile phone network, sending and receiving data from our TracAce Explorer servers (we do not charge you for any data usage) and are accurate to around 2.5m.  The battery lasts over 12 hours of continuous use (based on a report every 10s), and we include fully safety tested, multi-port chargers to allow for easy charging when trackers aren’t in use.

Our Software…

Each GPS track is securely stored on our TracAce Explorer server, and can be further populated with any information about the visitor, such as their age, gender, family type, visit purpose etc.  

We build a custom dashboard for each project, that allows us to set parameters, filters and report settings to best suit your needs.  Within the project dashboard, we map out your site, monitor the live positions of your trackers and set up custom ‘geo-fences’ around areas of your site.

Our Analysis and Reporting

GPS data is hugely rich and powerful.  It is also incredibly dense!  We use our extensive experience of working with tracking data and clever software customisations to pull out the critical information that is relevant to your project and research objectives.  

Our experts then conduct advanced statistical analyses on the data.  This firstly ensures it is robust and reliable and identifies specific trends and patterns that shape our findings. 

The result of this process is a scientific analysis of visitor behaviour that is detailed, trustworthy and specific to our client’s objectives.  We present our findings to you in a clear written report with diagrams and annotations in plain english.  We also offer a summary presentation in person or via video conference.