Our Vision

To provide a GPS tracking solution that reshapes visitor experience and delivers and creates added value for all users.

The TracAce Story

It all started with a chat on the banks of the River Exe!

Jon was trying for the millionth time to enthuse his middle daughter, Lottie about the wonders of dinghy sailing, as they watched a race unfold on the water.  As usual, Jon wasn’t exactly succeeding, but the discussion took an interesting turn, when Lottie, (a trained Sport Scientist and Data Analyst) asked a stupid question:

“Who’s winning?”

The problem was, Jon didn’t have a clue, and neither did most of the other spectators on the river bank.

TracAce began with the simple idea of putting GPS trackers on racing boats.  We built specialist software that would provide an affordable solution so grassroots sailing clubs and events to use the technology that had previously been reserved for the elite. 

But that, of course isn’t the end of the story…

A few years into developing TracAce Race, Lottie’s older sister, Emily entered the fray!  Emily worked for a major visitor attraction in Mid Devon.  When the site’s marketing team mentioned they were interested in using GPS tracking, Emily suggested she knew of a local company that could be of help.  

We are a family of problem solvers, so we take great pride in how TracAce has become a game changer in the world of visitor research and analytics.  Get in touch to learn how TracAce can help you…